Denyo Air Compressor - DIS-200VP Series

Variable Pressure &

Speed Control System

Variable Pressure and Speed Control System

Control Panel For Easy Settings

Control Panel For Easy Settings

Light & Compact


Light & Compact Design

72dB (A) Silent Operation

Silent Operation

Delivery Pressure Fully Adjustable

Fully Adjustable Delivery Pressure

Low Fuel


Low Emission Engine

Tier lll Engine Low Emission

Eco-Mode / Power Mode Selection

Eco-mode Operation

If only pressure and not air volume is required, the amount of fuel consumption can be minimised by suppressing the engine speed.

Power Mode Operation
If it is desired to maximise the benefits of an electronically-controlled engine, and the delivery pressure is low with a light engine load, the engine speed is raised to increase the air volume.



Variable Pressure Control (VPC) /
Constant Pressure Control (CPC)

Control can be selected from VPC (Variable Pressure Control) which is equivalent to standard engine compressor operation, or CPC (Constant Pressure Control), which allows the maximum fuel efficiency per unit of delivery volume.

Variable Pressure Control (VPC)
The delivery pressure is lowered in stages to correspond to the increase in engine speed as it ranges from the no-load pressure to the rated pressure.

Constant Pressure Control (CPC)
A method where the engine speed is controlled to maintain the delivery pressure at a set value. This control method is effective for factory equipment air supply sources or other cases where load fluctuations are comparatively small.

Supresses the amount of fuel consumption is recommended if the air volume is not particularly critical. Under Eco-Mode Operation, the engine’s maximum speed will not be higher than 2250 min-1, even if the delivery pressure falls below the setpoint pressure.

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